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Pica~Picks: Short Sleeved Shirts

Published: Thu May 27 2021

You’ve been biding your time, eyes glued to those highly-inaccurate smart phone weather apps, waiting for the degrees to tick up into the high teens. Finally, after what's seemed like an eternity, your monk-like patience is about to be rewarded – short sleeve shirt season is finally within grasp.

Without further natter, we trawled the rails in search of some of some particularly breezy collared numbers…

First up to the proverbial plate is this short sleeved seersucker showstopper from Beams Plus. We’ve stocked these popover beauties for donkey’s years now, and unless Beams starts adorning them with offensive slogans or making them out of used Brillo pads or something equally as daft and nonsensical, we’ll be stocking them for donkey’s years to come. What can we say? High-class Ivy flavour is impossible to resist.


On a similar Ivy tip, we’ve got this extremely well-seasoned doozy from NYC slicksters Corridor.
Thanks to the ultra-spicy madras fabric and cookout-friendly spread collar, this is just the ticket for hazy afternoons spent lounging on campus, scoring jazz cigarettes and discussing the merits of Charlie Parker and Jack Kerouac… or whatever people who went to Havard circa 1963 used to do.


Sitting pretty on the horticultural end of the shirt spectrum, there’s the Sabi Shirt from casual don dadas Satta.
There’s a definite earthy flavour about this, and we could easily imagine ourselves wearing this while pottering round a botanical garden and whatnot, but that highly-textured fabric, thought-out, low-profile design and polo shirt-esque collar configuration pushes this safely out of the realm of gap-year-crust-wear* and could quite possibly be worn with smarter tackle during in-law pow-wows as well.
*apologies to all the gap-year-crusties out there.


Next up we’ve got this striking shirty specimen from Universal Works.
While that Japanese-style print brings plenty of exotic aromas into the kitchen, the spread collar is perfect for street drinking reverie whatever your locale, and the seersucker fabric should keep you nice ‘n’ cool when it’s your turn to take command of the Big Green Egg.
We could be wrong, but if our trusty tape measure is to be believed, that chest pocket is optimum size for Jamaican beef patty-stowage too.
Do with that information what you will.


Lastly but definitely not leastly there’s this peyote-drenched wonder-work from Y.M.C. – the Malick Shirt.
We could wax lyrical until the cows come home about the tasteful woven cotton fabric, or how the design calls to mind the décor in Abigail’s Party, but if we’re being honest dear reader, we were hooked on this beauty from the second we saw its name.
All good shirts should be christened after mysterious film directors.