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Pica~Picks: Short Sleeve Shirts

Published: Fri May 05 2017

This might be stating the obvious, but short sleeve shirts are dead good in summer. They’re light, they’re breezy, and they give you a certain ‘BBQ grill master’ look that can’t be beaten.

With all these stone cold facts in mind, we trawled the rails in search of our favourites…

First in the hit parade, we’ve got this white shirt from Arpenteur. This one is called the Pyjama shirt, but thanks to its smooth demeanour, it’s for loads more than just snoozing in. White shirts can be dangerous in summer-time what with all the ketchup and condiment based reverie, but maybe that’s part of their charm? Who dares wins. 

Up next is the Open Dobby Shirt from Beams Plus. This beauty may have been made in Japan, but just one look at it and you’re instantly transported to a lazy afternoon on the porch of a wooden house in the middle of American suburbia circa 1963, slowly sipping a cool can of Miller Lite as a rabid racoon gently gnaws at your foot.

What were we saying? Oh yeah – THIS IS A GREAT SHIRT!

Here we’ve got a shirt called the Gioia Shirt. It’s brought to you by a German company called A Kind Of Guise and it looks loads like the tiles in a Moroccan bath house. If there’s one thing that a summertime shirt should look like… it’s tiles. 

Here’s a real doozy from Adsum. This lot are a relatively new name to Oi Polloi, but they’ve quickly become a bit of a favourite. Looking at this Short Sleeve Button Down Popover thing here, it’s easy to see why.

Light fabric… clean design… no daft gimmicks…  sleeves… buttons… das ist gut!

And finally, something completely different. The Tender Wallaby Pocket Short Sleeve Tail Shirt (try saying that with a mouth full of Fruit Gums) probably deserves its own category really.

This thing isn’t your normal shirt. For starters, it’s dead long. It’s also got some dead nifty pockets, and has a crinkly texture that should provide hours of fun. And lastly but not leastly, it was dyed with a mysterious substance called ‘wattle’ which is apparently found in an Australian tree.

This means that not only do you get unlimited pub bragging points, but it’ll wear-in an absolute treat, and should have a really nice, washed out aura. 

So there you have it. Feel free to browse our aptly titled ‘shirt’ section to see more equally amazing and life-changing garments.