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Pica~Picks: Rain Jackets

Published: Fri Mar 04 2022

If you live in Manchester – or anywhere in England for that matter – we shouldn’t need to tell you why rain jackets are useful.
Here’s some wet weather wear we rate.
Oh, and just for clarity, not all of these can technically be categorised as ‘waterproof’ (that’s a sacred term that if labelled incorrectly will result in the Citizens Advice swat team banging down our doors), but they should all do a pretty decent job at keeping you dry when the heavens open.

Stepping up to the plate first is the Ursand Windbreaker from Norse Projects.
You may be yelling something along the lines of “Windbreakers? In the company of raincoats? Blasphemy!” at your screen, but bare with us – this has been concocted from bonafide future fabric called Pertex, which, for those that don’t know, is a crisp, tight-weave nylon renowned for its wind-stopping prowess, breathability and droplet deflection. But Pertex alone does not a rain jacket make, which is why Norse has seen fit to give this a good dousing in some forward-thinking water-resistant resin.
Alright, this stuff might get KO’ed pretty quickly when squaring up against a typhoon or whatnot, but when it comes to muggy, summer sprinkles, this is bang-on.

New fabrics on the block are all well and good, but we needn’t always look forward for ways to stay dry. Sometimes all it takes is some good ol’ fashioned rubber and a design that’ll outlive passing fads and fancies.
The Rains Classic Jacket fits this bill perfectly.
These have been a part of the Oi Polloi roster for donkey’s years now and have remained pretty much unchanged since we first crossed paths with them. What’s the saying again? If it ain’t broke?

Sitting on the flashier end of the rain jacket spectrum we’ve got this C.P. Company Shell-R Utility Jacket.
With the sleek dual zip and refreshing hue, it looks like the sort-of thing that’s aching to be worn atop the deck of a yacht while cruising along the Riviera, which should inject rainy city centre mooches with a much-needed dose of sunshine.
How about that pocket circumference too? Someone at C.P. Company design headquarters isn’t shy around a caliper…

No self-respecting list of wet weather wear would be complete without the inclusion of one of Patagonia’s hallowed Torrentshell Jackets.
Not only are they lightweight enough to have on hand during those dubious spring days that could go either way, they also come in an array of dazzling colours that sooth the soul and stimulate the senses.
This one comes in a zesty shade of orange that simultaneously screams ‘DANGER!’ and ‘exotic carbonated beverage you can only get in corner shops’.

Now, there’s absolutely nowt wrong with the other jackets on this list, but there will come a time where mere water-resistance simply won’t cut the proverbial djion. You’ll need a serious, no-holes-barred, waterproof behemoth – and the Páramo Halcon Jacket is most-certainly a serious, no-holes-barred, waterproof behemoth.
Concocted from the brand’s trademark Nikwax fabric, which the heavy sweaters should be pleased to hear is just as breathable as it is waterproof, these are great for misjudged rambles up massive hills, as well as misjudged dashes to the shop… and thanks to slight-militaristic vibe provided by the mossy paint job, they’re also great for offing drug dealers in Derbyshire.

Rounding things off we’ve got the Berghaus Vestment Smock, a breezy, completely waterproof popover smock thing that’s been christened after liturgical garb.
We’re not entirely sure what the thought process behind this naming procedure was, but I’m sure we can all agree that the world would be a far better place is clergymen were required to wear waterproof ripstop garments instead of the usual funny dresses.

Hungry for more rain wear? Have a look below at all we have to offer.