Oi Polloi

Pica~Picks: Knitwear

Published: Fri Oct 04 2019

Fans of bludgeoning seals and wearing their blubbery skin might disagree, but in our eyes, the wool jumper is the finest way to stay toasty during the winter months.

So when we noticed our trusty thermometer has plummeted to miserable lows, we thought it might be a smart move to round up some of our favourite bits of knitwear.

Crank the central heating up and have a look…

The Armor-Lux Pull Châteaulin Homme

While Armor-Lux are mainly known for their cotton smocks, they’re also deft hands in the realm of nautical-scented knitwear.

Made from some chainmail-esque merino wool, these are a bit like the less unruly cousin of those Andersen – Andersen jumpers, and should not only see you right during voyages through the Baltic Sea, but during everyday jaunts as well.

That zip is pretty good too.


The Howlin' Isle of Magic Knit

Now, we like autumnally-hued knitwear as much as the next guy, but sometimes you’ve just got to listen to your heart and invest in a crisp white jumper with some delectable blue and pink stripes on it.

This beauty from Howlin’ is one such jumper.

Thanks to some sumptuous brushed wool and a cornucopia of stripes that look uncannily like a packet of fizzy belts, this is a real individual option for knitwear fans that crave something a little different.

The NN07 Nathan Knit

Next up, we’ve got a proper stripped-back number from Denmark’s NN07 – the Nathan Knit.

Thanks to the potent combination of pure new wool and a no-nonsense design, this is a bit smarter than the other jumpers on this list, and is the kind-of thing we could see ourselves wearing if we spent our free time reading high-brow architecture periodicals.

The Norse Projects Adam Lambswool Cardigan

The lambswool cardigan is a true classic of the knitwear realm. Not only do they expertly balance the precarious line between smart and casual, they're also good on those days when the weather can't make its mind up.

That might sound trivial, but anyone who's gone from freezing streets to an over-heated shopping centre will understand the importance of a garment that can be undone with minimal hassle.

Norse and Universal Works know the score with this one.

The Shetland Woollen Co. Crew Neck Shaggy Knit

And finally, we've got the classic shaggy-dog Shetland knit from Shetland Woollen Co.

Made in Scotland… beloved by sharp-dressed Ivy League types… dead warm… these have been an Oi Polloi favourite for donkey's years and they're likely to stay that way for years to come.

There's loads of colours to choose from as well.