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Pica~Picks: Jumpers

Published: Fri Dec 09 2016

Seeing as it’s prime jumper weather at the minute, we thought we’d pick out some of our favourite woollen wonders. Without any further spiel, here we go…

First up? A creamy masterpiece courtesy of the main-man Peter Scott. As we’re sure you’re probably aware by now, this was the jumper worn by that Steve McQueen guy in the original Thomas Crown Affair.

Wearing this jumper won’t turn you into Steve McQueen, (or even Pierce Brosnan, for that matter), but it will keep you dead warm. And isn’t that what jumpers are for? 

Next we’ve got this wondrous specimen from Alan Paine. This isn’t really a jumper at all, but it’s made out of wool and it’s got long sleeves, so that’s good enough for us.

Whatever it is, this winter-friendly polo shirt type thing has a real air of elegance and sophistication about it. Grab yourself a Kinder Bueno and prepare to get luxurious… 

Now this one here from Andersen-Andersen is definitely a jumper. In fact, it’s probably the most serious jumper we’ve ever seen. It’s made out of really thick, almost chainmail-esque wool, it’s got a big ol’ roll neck and last but not least — it’s symmetrical. 

Just imagine how much better your life will be without the crippling fear of putting your jumper on back to front.

Other notable roll-necks include these ones from Folk and this corker from Howlin’

Here we’ve got the soft and succulent stylings of a Jamieson’s Shetland knit. Thanks to that brushed, shaggy dog texture and those rustic hues, these have a real ‘Greenwich Village folk singer circa 1963’ aura to them. Wear ‘em with a pair of brown cords and you’re practically Dave Van Ronk.

On a similar tip, it might also be worth looking at those triple-brushed beauties from Shetland Woolen Co

And finally… a cardigan from Beams Plus. Cardigans are good because as well as having all the classic jumper features, they can be worn open to help regulate temperature.

This might sound trivial, but anyone who’s suffered a near meltdown sat in an elderly relative's living room as they insist on cranking the heating up again will know that the option of being able to unbutton a cardigan is very helpful. 

Another honourable cardigan is this one from Howlin'.

So there you go — some jumpers we think are decent. We hope this rambling guide has been of some use, and we hope you find warmth and satisfaction in whatever you choose.

Thanks for reading, and remember — a jumper is NOT just for Christmas.