Oi Polloi

Pica~Picks: Boots

Published: Thu Oct 05 2017

The nights are drawing in, the leaves are falling and a thick layer of mulch lines the pavements.

Yep, boot season is upon us. Here’s some that might make voyages into the outside world a little easier...

First up, we've got the Light Boots from Danner, a company with an odyssey of history behind them, but they're the only brand on this list that can boast that their wares have been worn by elephants. Impressive.
Anyways, the boots themselves transcend impressive. First designed in 1978, with sustainability in mind, these bad boys have been carefully crafted for the best possible quality, that's been worn by everyone from the U.S military to Patagonian hikers. Note the full grain leather upper; that'll probably last until 2078.

Up next we've got some sumptuous suede stompers; the 5 Inch Bridgeman Boots from Chippewa, who've been churning out classic boots since all the way back in 1901. They're a real serious pair of boots, with the primary focus being on comfort, thanks in part to their tie-to-the-tippity-top laces and succulent suede uppers.
Striding through winter in extreme comfort needn't be a myth with these monkey-boot beauties. Look at that sole too. Nicely done.

Here we have the 6-Inch Classic Moc Boots from Red Wing. It’s one of their oldest styles, dating back to 1907, and thanks to the trademark moccasin toe, is one of the most recognizable.
Designed with the various trials and tribulations of working life in mind, these versatile beauties are more than equipped for striding through thick, Manchester sleet, trudging through muddy forests in the Peaks, or hiding from torrential downpours in the local franchised coffee house.
In other words, real smart boots from Red Wing here.

A concrete Oi Polloi favourite next, we've got the Weaver Boot from Clarks Originals. These are sort-of like the Wallabee’s ever-so-slightly smarter brother, bringing comfort and style to this proverbial boot-appreciation meeting. They've got a certain 'Folk troubadour gallantly singing tunes in a Greenwhich village dive-bar circa 1961' if that makes sense?
If it doesn't make sense, they're really substantial and look damn sharp as well. If the leather doesn't suit you, they also come in a suede variation.

To round this off, here are some bona-fide beauties: the Barleycorn Classic. Fans of chunky soles shouldn't be disappointed with these guys. The Classic excels in waltzing the line between practical and luxury; with aforementioned chunky Vibram sole, combined with opulent suede, these are for those that like to feel like royalty as they traverse dangerous terrains, like mountain sides or the entrance to a supermarket that's forgotten to put a mat down on a rainy day. Nice to know Barleycorn has you covered.