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Pica~Picks: Big Coats

Published: Sun Nov 26 2017

As anyone who’s been outside recently will know, we’ve most definitely entered ‘big coat’ season. Yep, it’s been a long time coming, but after months of languishing in the depths of your wardrobe, that massive, Arctic-conditions mega-jacket of yours can finally be deployed and put to use.

Don’t have a big coat? Don’t fret… here’s a quick run-through some of our favourites. First up, the original Big Coat™ — the Woolrich Arctic Parka. These were first designed for construction workers who were making a massive oil pipeline across Alaska back in the late 70s, and, as we’ve said many times before, are the parkas which all others are measured against.

Sure, other coats may have tried to steal the Woolrich’s crown over the years, but for that classic ‘shovelling snow off your drive just outside of Fargo, North Dakota’ look, these beauties are still the don dada.Up next, another kind of coat, from A Kind of Guise. This is the Okayama Parka, and it’s sort of like a super-subtle, stripped-back version of the classic duffle coat. It’s still made from thick, winter-proof wool, but the usual horn-toggles have been ditched for a subliminally minimal, post-Paddington, Holden Caulfield 2.0 flavour.

Put simply, it looks dead good.This majestic doozy here is the Expedition Parka from Fjällraven. Designed in 1974, it was made with serious, important scientific expeditions across the tundra in mind.

Luckily for normal people, that super-warm down-fill means it also comes in particularly handy during late-night, winter-time forays to the 24-hour garage in search of maize-based savoury snacks. And now, for those like to live the life of absolute, no-holds-barred luxury — here’s the Brainticket sheepskin jacket from Y.M.C.

This is the sort of thing that mere photographs can't really do justice, and if you’re into things like champagne, caviar and those big bars of Galaxy Caramel, then this should be right up your super-fancy, gold-paved alleyway.To round this all off, how about this absolute howitzer from the Italian outerwear boundary shovers at Stone Island

What do really need to say about this thing? Two hoods… mad fabric… slight witchetty grub vibes… this is the sort of coat that winter was made for. Beautiful.

And if you’re still struggling on your quest for the one jacket to rule them all, click here to see more serious outerwear.