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As you’re probably aware, we’re in the midst of our winter sale.

There’s countless potentially life-changing deals in there, but for those who want a helping hand to guide them through those rails… here’s some items we thought were particularly ace.

Up first, Sam nabbed this Snow Peak smock whilst simultaneously doing his best Quentin Willson impression. As everyone knows, Quentin Willson is a huge fan of Japanese outdoor clothing.

Lucy and Ana both chose these adidas Intack trainers. If you’ve ever hankered for a pair of blue trainers named after a borough of Blackburn, then these are most certainly the trainers for you.

In a past life, Adam earned his crust as a humble shoe-shine boy who spent his days stealing apples from market stalls and walking around with his pockets turned inside-out.

This probably explains his love for Fracap boots and, more importantly, the complimentary brush that comes with them. 

Liam, Salford's very own answer to Barry Scott, wouldn't settle for anything less than 100% satisfaction — and neither should you. Choose Baz, choose life, choose two pairs of Burlington socks in a cardboard box.

Meanwhile, the large omnipresent head of Stuart selected this corduroy Battenwear cap. When you’re a floating head with no body, high-quality headwear is of the utmost importance. 

Alex picked out this wondrous Patagonia Fitz Roy Jacket. Alex is currently trying to make it big as Manchester’s premier ‘elbow model’, and judging by that photo, he’s well on his way. Just look at those angles! Outstanding. 

Grant’s New Year’s resolution is to finally get into Guinness Book of Records. How? By becoming the first person to drag a Ralph Lauren rugby shirt the full length of Oldham Road using only their neck.

His bravery knows no bounds. 

And finally, the man known as James Hunter sniped these Hestra gloves. It probably goes without saying, but there really is no better way to start the New Year than with two leather gloves perched joyously on your shoulders.

For more exciting items, head on over to our sale page. 

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The people say...

  • Damkuff

    Liams haircut: actually mcmanaman employed the curtains/semi-mullet combo beloved if early 90s scouser footballers from the wirral who embraced the fashion zeitgeist of the early 90s – its britpop AND shellsuits, la. Your boy liam there looks more like tim key re-enacting robbie fowlers famous snorting a line of football markings in response to graeme la saux’s blonde highlights. True fact.

  • Sam - OP

    Hi Trevor. Good to hear you’re keeping well. I believe that’s known as the McManaman, after Steve McManamam of Liverpool/Spice Boys/Bosman Ruling fame… although I could be wrong. Cheers, Sam.

  • Trevor Sorbet

    Hi Oi Polloi guys, just like to know what the name of the hairstyle Liam is modelling is called?

  • Sam - OP (Not the one pictured though)

    Good eye Eli, yeah, it’s an Our Legacy ‘Funnel Blouson’ from a few years back.

  • Eli

    Looks like it’s from Our Legacy. Funnel zip in grey

  • Joshua Dunn

    Would also like to know what fleece Sam is wearing! Ta.

  • ToniMoroni

    Who makes the fleece Sam is wearing?

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