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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents:

What’s this then? A photoshoot? A ‘look-book’? A visual think-piece confronting ideas of shape and texture in modern society?

To be honest, we’re not really sure. It’s basically just some photos of outfits we liked — something to give you an idea of what we’re into at the moment.

Click the photos to see what clothes are being worn.

Photos by Mike Sallabank.


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The people say...

  • Mit


  • Crossy

    Buuuuut what’s the jacket in Richard 1 pizzazz

  • ya boi


  • kat towers

    LOVE this.

  • HP Saucy

    This is a great combination of both styling and photography.

  • Mustard Mash

    Great Work..Really Nailed that luxury with comfort combo…!

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