Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi Presents… M40

Published: Tue Jan 08 2019

January is never much fun – so to give us something to look forward to, the fine folks down at our Soho shop are throwing a party.

The line-up for this is pretty decent. We’ve got esteemed Eglo Records head-honcho Alexander Nut, Zakia of NTS Radio fame, as well as Will Lister and multi-talented artist/DJ chap Ashley Holmes. 

It’s at Borderline, on Thursday the 31st of January, and you can bag a ticket here…



And before anyone says owt, we’re fully aware that the M40 is just a minor part of the epic motorway network that links Manchester with London, but M56/M6/M42/M40 was a bit of a mouthful.