Oi Polloi

Oi Polloi is Fifteen

Published: Thu May 11 2017

It may seem like only yesterday that Steve and Nigel opened the doors to the old Tib Street shop, but according to Nigel’s mathematical mind, the end of May officially marks fifteen years of Oi Polloi.

To celebrate, we’re throwing a party.

Most of the details are on those flyers above, but to clarify… it’s at Common (just round from our Manchester HQ) on Thursday the 25th of May. 

There’ll be music from Moonboots and the Pica~Sounds good-squad and there’ll be free drink and assorted freebies for all the freeloaders. There might be a birthday cake. And we're launching some new sweatshirts with Good Measure and Aficionado Recordings. And if all that wasn't enough... there might be some free mugs that we've made with Proper Magazine. And free booze.

Come one down, it'll be a good 'un.

Here's the link for the Facebook event if you're into that kind of thing.