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Nigel's Musings: The Oi Polloi adidas Manchester Marine

Published: Fri Nov 25 2016

Those blue trainers we've done with adidas will go on sale at 08:00 on the 30th of November (GMT) online, and in our Manchester and Soho shops.

Until then, here's main-man Nigel's thoughts on them...

I’d been toying around with this idea for a long time. My first idea was to do a navy Ardwick. On someone’s Instagram feed, they'd coloured a pair of Ardwicks in navy blue, with a slightly brighter navy stripe. He called them Ardwick Marine.

I remember saying at the time, “You’d read my mind, if there was an Ardwick 2 then it would have been that colour.” I would have called it Salford Marine because my mum and dad are from Eccles.

Salford is like the twin city of Manchester, and it never gets any recognition. Manchester and Salford are twin cities, like Ciudad Juárez or Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Salford is the lost twin, and I wanted to give it some respect. So the navy blue Ardwick was going to be the Salford Marine.

I realised we weren’t going to be able to do an Ardwick 2, and then Gary told me he was releasing Manchester, so I thought we could do a colour of that.

Tahiti Marine is the dark blue version of the Tahiti, so that’s where the Marine comes from. The Manchester is a Handball Special, and this one is like the Marine version, if you get what I mean?

I pretty much just coloured it in. The amount of navy blues that me and Josh went through to find the right shade was just ridiculous. You won’t believe how many shades of navy blue there are. The one we picked was the closest we could find to Tahiti Marine. We got a couple of early samples that weren’t right, so we just took photographs of them against the Tahiti Marine and sent them back to adidas, and it took until the fourth prototype to get it right.

We’ve designed a few things over the years, but keeping going, trying to get it right with navy blue after navy blue was probably one of the most insane things I’ve done.

So that's 08:00 on the 30th of November (GMT) online, and in our Manchester and Soho shops. Don't forget alright?

See 'em here.

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