Oi Polloi

Lyle & Scott x Oi Polloi: Mohair for the People Part II

Published: Fri Dec 03 2021


Last year we joined forces with Lyle & Scott to bring mohair to the people, and we’ve diddily-done it again.

Still the same basic recipe as last year, with a few soul-soothing spices thrown into the proverbial Dutch oven for good measure – most notably the fresh colour palates and the addition of what big man on campus Steve ‘The Sandman’ Sanderson describes as “the Rudeboy cardigan” (that full-button collared number).

Probably best just to let the man himself explain… “Rudeboys in the late 60s, all the way through to 80s and 90s would wear these types of cardigans all the time. So we thought we’d do one and make it out of mohair – make it lux. I remember the ones these chaps used to wear looking sharp, but they’d always be made from a really cheap, electric shock-type of acrylic. We wanted to take this time-honoured style and do it justice with high-quality fabrics… as well as some pretty killer colours. These earthy, pastel colours and the Argyle pattern is inspired by Kurt Cobain, the majestic sport of golf, racketeers, Italy… we’ve taken super-comfy casual hoodlum garb and crossed that with a very British, Rudeboy, Soulboy flavour”.

There you go. One of these can be yours at 10:00am on Friday the 10th of December.

Friday the 10th of December at 10:00am. Don't be a doofus and forget it.

Thank you to Rawtape for the cracking film and The Carlton Club for their superb décor.