Oi Polloi

Lee and Oi Polloi Present...

Published: Fri Oct 19 2018

Favoured by everyone from sharp-dressed geography teachers to bold and courageous quail hunters, it’s safe to say that corduroy is one of life’s true wonders.

So when we sat down with the work-wear founding fathers at Lee to draw up the blueprints for some new garb, it didn’t take us too long to work out what we wanted to do.

We’ve taken the time-honoured 101Z jeans and the Rider Jacket, and blessed them with some super-classy, wide-waled jumbo cord in three autumnal shades.

Very nice, if we may say so ourselves.

The Lee Oi Polloi stuff launches at 10:00 on Thursday the 25th of October. Here are some photos…

See the stuff here.