Oi Polloi

Introducing... Oi Polloi x Lavenham

Published: Fri Jan 28 2022

Location: Manchester. Time: some point in the early to mid 80s.

A fresh-faced and wide-eyed Steve Sanderson is thrown from the safety of Abraham Moss college into the constantly-swirling melting pot of MCR, and landed slap bang in the centre of a seismic shift in music, culture and style – a once in a lifetime event, comprised of analogue clubs, mind-bending tunes and eye-catching styles.

‘Electro casual’. Lover’s Rock. Late night parties. The Gallery. Italian lux sportswear. DIY aesthetics. Early hip-hop straight outta NYC. Outdoor pursuits of the 20th century leisure class…

The young buck didn’t know it yet, but all these disparate influences would be plucked from their original contexts and blended together to form the bedrock of a collaboration almost forty years in the future… Oi Polloi x Lavenham.

Unnecessarily grandiose introductions aside, we’ve made some American-inspired bomber jackets and some gilets with countryside conquistadors Lavenham, and the results are pretty good.

Made in Suffolk out of some plush quilted polyester, with a colour palette inspired by OG Range Rover Mark 1, these are just as at home riding shotgun in the trusty 4×4 as they are slung round the back of the upholstery in a rice-and-three.



If you're hankering for one of these, you'll be able to procure one at 10:00am on Tuesday the 1st of February.