Oi Polloi

Introducing... Oi Polloi Sportswear Co.

Published: Fri Dec 17 2021

‘What kept you’? It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves a lot recently. After all, we turn twenty next year, so we’ve been getting introspective. The future can be a scary prospect, and if you don’t want to get swallowed up in the sands of time, you need to adapt and evolve along with it.

Our role has always been that of the ‘selecta’ – sourcing and editing the best gear around. But now, just doing that isn’t cutting the mustard. We want to be making sweet, wearable music with the best of ‘em. And we feel like, as we approach twenty, the time is right for us to throw our hat in the ring.

So it’s our immense pleasure to introduce to you… Oi Polloi Sportswear Co., our very-own, home-grown, collegiate-inspired super-heavy fleecebacked jersey sportswear collection.

When designing these garments, we turned to the best for inspiration – Camber USA, Russell Athletic, and Champion, to name a few. We’ve taken the basic construction of these fleeceback heavyweights, but reworked and refined the fits. Still that authentic, classic flavour, but with a loose, relaxed fit – how we feel it should be.

Production was paramount too. We knew these had to be made in Portugal, a place renowned for their jersey prowess, and opted for a blend of 50% organic and 50% recycled cotton. Making these has been a real learning curve for us, and we’ve come out the other side with a completely fresh perspective on what the strange entity known as Oi Polloi should be.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy these sweaty specimens as much as we do.