Oi Polloi

Four Week Forecast: September

Published: Fri Sep 06 2019

Bit late on this one – but here’s a quick look at what we’re getting this month.

We’ve received word from our sentries that the Beams Plus bus is rolling into town.

As ever, you can expect that classic blast of Americana, seen through a Japanese lens – with button-down shirts, anoraks and wool rugby shirts.

Definite Ivy League flavour, built for modern times, somewhere in the sweet-spot between Harvard and the Open University.

Corridor is a new one to Oi Polloi, fresh from the streets of NYC. Founded by an ex-FBI man — and that’s not a joke  this lot make black suits, coach jackets and a pitch-perfect remake of Fox Mulder’s trench coat.

Alright, that one was a joke – they actually make really relaxed check-shirts that look ideal for lazy weekends gently paddling an old canoe around a picturesque lake in Upstate New York.

Think of it like Adsum’s less sporty cousin — there’s a similar ‘comfortable East Coast’ feel, but with slightly less polyester. 

In brown shoe news, the new Yogis are looking pretty tasty.

Not only have we got some of their trademark negative heeled comfort shoes, but we’ve also got some crepe-soled wonders made just for us.

If you’re into Native Craftworks and whittling bits of wood, you should appreciate what Yogi are doing.

And finally – here’s a picture of a really toasty jacket from Patagonia