Oi Polloi

Four Week Forecast: September

Published: Fri Sep 01 2017

It doesn’t seem that long ago since we did the last one of these, but here you go – a quick run-down of what we should be getting in September.

Schnayderman’s shirts are back in the building. These sold like cotton-based hot-cakes last time, and for good reason… they look good, they feel dead classy and that name just rolls right off the tongue.Talking of good names, how about Kestin Hare? Kestin is a man from Scotland who used to work under the tutelage of sensei Nigel Cabourn. He’s now going solo, and has made some really useful, modern-day utility garb. 

We’ve also got something new from Japan called Still by Hand. Sophisticated sportswear is the name of the game here.

Imagine the sort of stuff you’d have worn if you were zipping round the 1964 Olympic Village on an old Honda motorbike and you might be in the right ballpark (or stadium?).

And last but unleastly, Gary Aspden’s adidas Spezial project will once again be whirring people into a three-striped frenzy. We can’t say anything yet, but we imagine there will be trainers, jackets and trefoils aplenty.

Oh yeah, and what are these?