Oi Polloi

Four Week Forecast: November

Published: Fri Nov 10 2017

Think we forgot to do one of these last month, but anyway – here’s what should be landing up here in the next few weeks…

We’ve done some more clothes with Universal Works. More utilitarian overshirtage, but this time in some majestic corduroy. Ideal for conker collectors. No pictures yet we're afraid, but trust us when we say it looks pretty spectacular. 

Our Legacy and Norse Projects continue to make wondrous clothes. Autumnal hues on the horizon from both the Scandinavian mastadons. 

There’s some new bits from Albam on the way, including this red beauty...

We’ve also got some bags by a new name to us called Sanpak. El classico American hiking flavour, via Japan. More on these fairly soon.

And finally, the new issue of our Pica~Post magazine is well on the way. This one has a pretty potent sportswear slant, and may or may not feature an article penned by Nigel about his favourite sports shops - like this one...

Keep an eye out on our newsletters and our various social media tendrils for more breaking news as it happens. Cheers for reading.