Oi Polloi

Four Week Forecast: March

Published: Fri Feb 28 2020

It’s time once again for us to consult with our in-house mystic to see what wondrous and potentially mind-altering garments are landing in the month know as March.
Without further ado…

7L Systems is a new one to Oi Polloi that we’re pretty excited about.
Taking inspiration from the US Military Generation III Extended Climate Weather Clothing System, this lot make ultra-technical, ultra-sharp, ultra-amazing waterproof jackets that should keep you drier than a Ritz cracker even in the most violent downpours.
And if that wasn’t enough to solidify their wet weather credentials, 7L hails from Manchester, so they should know a thing or two about staying dry.

Also new to Oi Polloi is a mysterious brand called East Harbour Surplus.
We don’t know too much about these geezers yet, but judging from the snaps, this stuff seems like if you managed to combine the ‘rich man strolling around continental seaside villages buying bespoke razors and expensive pipes’ vibe of old C.P. Company with the military-inspired wearability of Arpenteur… if that makes any sense?
Essentially, it’s luxury with backbone, and in our eyes, it’s pretty close to perfect.

Norse should be arriving at some point in March as well.
You should really know the score here by now, so we’ll shut up.

Released back when adidas used to make shoes for pretty much every indoor sport out there, the Tischtennis is a bit of a long-lost Trefoil classic, originally designed for the majestic sport of table tennis.
Will these beauties cause table tennis appreciation to reach fever pitch? Probably not, but they’re dead decent regardless.