Oi Polloi

Four Week Forecast: March

Published: Fri Mar 01 2019

Keeping the intro to a minimum… we’re now in the month of March and some decent stuff is turning up.

First up, adidas SPZL smash-down is scheduled for 00:01 on Friday the 8th of March. This is yet another tasteful mix of long-lost classics and ‘contemporary re-imaginings’ courtesy of Mr Aspden and co.

It’s probably worth saying that this stuff isn’t just for ardent trefoil hoarders, and if you’re after a pair of trainers that you won’t see everywhere this summer – then you might be in luck here. Here’s a few snaps – keep an eye out for more info soon.

For those who enjoy trudging around damp hills and spraining their ankles on rocky outcrops, there’s Fjällräven. This time around we’ve got some particularly vibrant shades of their classic Greenland Jacket, as well as their version of the M-65 jacket and

Oh yeah, and we’ve got a Fjällräven polo shirt – which begs the question… who would win in a fight? The Fjäll fox or the Lacoste crocodilian?

Then we’ve got some more of Novesta’s utilitarian sporting pumps. Real no nonsense tennis pumps featuring green canvas served up on a bed of green rubber stuff. Slovakians do it better?

And on a sort-of-similar classical sporting tip, there’s these very, very tasteful quarter zip sweatshirts from Margaret Howell that look a bit like the sort of thing a character from The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner might wear if he lived in the year 2019. Not all sportswear has to be made of highly flammable nylon.