Oi Polloi

Four Week Forecast: June

Published: Fri Jun 01 2018

Keeping the intro-chat to a minimum here as the sun is out and you’ve probably got more important things to do than read a load of nonsense about clothes, here’s what’s on the way this month. 

First up, we’ve been working with Swedish eco-lords Tretorn on something pretty special. Can’t say too much yet, but expect sleeves, zips and fancy, futuristic fabrics. Here’s a pretty vague photo… 

There’s also some new A.P.C. stuff on the horizon. Think this might actually be classed as ‘Autumn’ clothing, but when you live in England and all seasons are pretty much the same, things like this don’t really matter. 

As well as some crisp sweatshirts (featuring an unreal logo that looks like a cross between a 70s Olympics poster and a Stereolab record cover) and some lightweight knitted wonders, there’s a velvet bomber jacket that should turn a few heads. If the Scarlet Pimpernel owned a Sopwith Camel… 

And finally, ever wanted an Oi Polloi tea towel? Well, you’re in luck. Some people might have seen these at the Pica~Post party, but we’ve saved a few for those who couldn’t make it, we’ve got a few going online soon.

Ideal for those who have swapped acid house for a family home. 

And for those who like small pieces of metal, we've got some pin badges too.