Oi Polloi

Four Week Forecast: February

Published: Fri Feb 02 2018

For want of a slightly more exciting introductory paragraph, here’s what we’ve got landing up in the next few weeks.

First up… Patagonia. We’ve got jackets, shirts, bags, hats and pretty much everything else you can think of. We’ve even got things you can’t think of — like an ultra-light windproof anorak with a fancy red zip.

On a similar ‘we’ve got loads’ tip, Norse Projects have delivered the heavy artillery. Again, too much to mention here, but if you’re into massive stripes and comfortable sweat-wear, then we’d fathom a guess you’re going to appreciate what the Great Danes have dished up this time around.

Also on the way soon — Yogi. Brown shoe fans might remember these from the mid-90s. Sort of like a Clarks Desert Trek, with extra California commune flavour and a slight hint of the elusive Kalso Earth Shoe, if that means anything to anyone. Smarter than the average bear? Quite possibly.

And finally, Stone Island have made some more bright coloured sweatshirts with compasses on the sleeves. Probably not much we need to say about these really is there?

Anything else?  Keep an eye on our newsletters and an ear to the ground for news on when this stuff touches down. Thanks for reading.