Oi Polloi

Four Week Forecast: August

Published: Fri Jul 27 2018

Here’s our latest round up of exciting and potentially life-changing garments we’ve got on the way. It’s safe to say August is shaping up to be pretty, pretty, pretty good.

First and foremostly, the new Patagonia stuff is on the way. Loads of mad colours… highly functional details… you should know the script by now. We’ve got too much to discuss in this measly blog-post, but for a bit of flavour, here’s a few choice morsels… 

A Kind of Guise are really gunning for that ‘Most Luxurious Baseball Cap’ award. Super-thick corduroy… delectable terry towelling…if an invite for Henry VIII’s annual quail hunt drops through your letterbox over the next few weeks, then we’ve got the caps for you.

In reptile news, Lacoste have amped up their crocodilian mascot to Godzilla-like proportions. Someone get Matthew Broderick on the phone, ASAP!

Meanwhile, the good folks at Good Measure have revved up their stripe machine to harness the potent power of horizontal lines. Thin stripes... fat stripes... blue stripes... white stripes... burgundy stripes... stripy stripes... its times like this you realise that maybe the world isnt that bad after all.