*** And Wander - ultra-futuristic outdoor gear from Japan ***

The Blog from Oi Polloi presents:

We've melded minds with long-time compadres Edwin to make a laid-back selection of coach jackets, chinos and baseball caps.

This stuff was inspired by a lot of things, including-but-not-limited-to… gelato, Italy, Paninaro, baseball coaches, ice cream vans and... er... cotton twill.

It all goes on sale online and in our Manchester and Soho shops at exactly 10:00 on Thursday the 25th of May (BST).

Until then, here’s some fancy photographs of people wearing the clothes in a relaxed studio environment. Photos taken by Adam Hindmarch. Read more about the collaboration here.

See the clothes

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The people say...

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  • Sam

    Love the collection, any chance you’ll be restocking the jackets?

  • Nick

    Any chance these will be re-stocked, particularly the mint jacket?

  • camille

    Could we have some info on the sizing?

  • Yarni

    Yes yes yes, loving these casual 2 pieces like the UW collab, wonderful stuff!! WOW

  • Peter Kay

    Strawberry Chinos?

  • Desmond Packet

    Robyn, when you buy a book, do you tend to go straight to the pictures?

  • Robyn Thomas

    Hey guys.
    Really like the green and pink jacket.
    Just want to know how to buy it please? (The collaboration with Edwin jackets)
    Thank you.

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