Oi Polloi

Dispatches From Paris and New York

Published: Fri Feb 10 2017

The latest 6-monthly trip for the Oi Polloi buying team had Steve and Nige and I zipping around Paris, and zig-zagging around Manhattan, trying to dig out the best clothes to satisfy your every need for next Winter.

While in Paris we didn’t get to see the Eiffel Tower or visit La Louvre, but we did see a guy carrying loads of baguettes.

And over in New York we didn’t see the Statue of Liberty, or get up the Empire State building, but we did see a guy pushing loads of bubble wrap around.

I did my best to keep Steve and Nige under control, and tried to take a few photos along the way to put up here. Nothing too interesting, but there you go – whatever it might sound like, we were all working very, very hard…