Oi Polloi

Dispatches from Paris

Published: Mon Mar 25 2019

Louis from the Manchester shop recently told us about some photos he’d taken whilst in Paris. “When did you go there?” we asked  turns out he’d lived there for years. 

Here’s some of his thoughts and photos about Paris… 

My parents moved back to Paris when I was 19 from Italy in 2014, so during the summer when I was back from university I’d spend most of my time skating around Republique and various spots scattered across the city. 

Paris is incredibly photogenic as a city and I really enjoy capturing the romantic side of the city whilst mixing the gritty skateboarding scene into it. I'd spend my time finding quirky angles of monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and the Moulin Rouge using google map's street view to plan what I was going to shoot. 

Being shot on film intrigued my subjects as they couldn't quite believe young people were still chucking Portra into a Leica. Showing subjects how to load, unload and compose a photo really fascinated them. Five years on and we all skate and shoot together when I'm back home. 

I go back every year for a week to shoot as much as I can. It usually involves having to be careful with a humongous bag of 120 and 35mm film at the airport to avoid scanners causing a dog's dinner to the results of the film.

See more of Louis' Paris snaps in his new zine, Le Rue et L'amour - available here.