Oi Polloi

Deck~Out~And~About: Masters of Sport

Published: Fri Sep 22 2017

This is something we’ve been working on for the next issue of Pica~Post, but seeing as we’re so pleased with how it turned out, we decided we’d get it out early.

For this jaunt we thought we’d get involved in the exciting world of sports. Neck a few Lucozade tablets and give it a look… 

Ebo was wearing a Battenwear jacket, a Ralph Lauren rugby shirt, Margaret Howell cords, a Patagonia tee, Anonymous Ism socks and a pair of Reebok Club C trainers.

Mike was wearing a Patagonia jacket, a Nanamica smock, a Battenwear tee, some Patagonia trousers, a Norse Projects cap, some Wigwam socks and a pair of adidas New Yorks.  

Photographs by Adam Hindmarch. Styling, location knowledge and vape clouds by Liam Daly.