Oi Polloi

Deck~Out~and~About: Halloween Spooktacular II

Published: Fri Oct 26 2018

Do ghosts exist? What’s the difference between a spectre and a spook? Why are skeletons always smiling?

In a bid to answer some of these questions, we headed over to the spookiest place we could think of... a graveyard in Liverpool.

Yep - we may have come a long way over the last hundred years or so, but churchyards and big old stone buildings are still pretty scary.

Anyway, here’s some photos and a vaguely 'spooky' playlist. Hope everyone has a decent Halloween – go easy on the cheap sweets and watch out for those pesky poltergeists. 

Chris (the lad with the long hair) was wearing a Polo Ralph Lauren cap, an NN07 Adler jacket, a Patagonia down vest, some A Kind of Guise cords, a Norse Projects t-shirt, some RoToTo socks and a pair of Danner boots.

Ekun (the lad with the glasses) was wearing a big ol’ Battenwear parka, a Shetland Woolen Co knit, an Our Legacy coach jacket, a Battenwear t-shirt, some YMC Alva pants, some RoToTo socks, an Indispensable backpack and a pair of Timberlands

And now, listen to this... 

Photography by Charlie Williams, styling by Liam Daly and Sebastian Beesley.