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On a summer night there isn’t really anywhere else in Manchester that can compete with the sights, sounds and sensuous scents of Rusholme. The treatz are flavoursome, the lights are bright and there’s always something going on.

Seeing as the weather has been decent lately, we went down for a wander around…

Ebo (the lad with the long hair) was wearing a Stone Island jumper, a Levi’s tee, orSlow fatigue pants, Wigwam socks and a pair of Novesta Star Masters.

Ladi wore a Stone Island sweatshirt, an A.P.C. t-shirt, adidas X by O sweatpants, Wigwam socks, New Balance trainers and a Ralph cap.

Photos by Adam Hindmarch, styling by Liam Daly and Steve Sanderson.

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The people say...

  • Santosonems

    Hello! Running wind and success on the road!

  • MA Hack

    I had my 21st birthday celebration in a Rusholme curry house. The waiter threw a bottle of champagne at me.

  • Freddy

    I will never understand the apathy of inhaling girly-sweet Hooka-smoke.

  • Hugo Stone

    When in Rusholme I always eat in ’ The Camel 2 ’ it’s hard to beat .

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