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Deck~Out~and~About: A Walk in the Park

Published: Fri Mar 01 2019

When we got our mitts on the new stuff from New York sportswear supremos Adsum, it was pretty obvious where we needed to take it to show it in all its glory…

Birkenhead Park, where else?

Alright, this fairly unassuming park on the east side of the Wirral Peninsula might seem a million miles away from the streets of New York, but bear with us here.

Opened back in 1847, Birkenhead Park is often regarded as one of the first civic parks, and not only is it a cracking place to spend an uncharacteristically sunny February afternoon, but it also provided much inspiration for the design of New York’s Central Park.

The story goes that whilst visiting the north west of England back in 1850, American architectural behemoth Frederick Law Olmsted was particularly taken with the newly designed gardens, and after winning a contract to create a public park for the rapidly growing metropolis of New York, he took cues from Birkenhead Park’s natural splendour and democratic, ‘for the people’, style.

Anyway, enough of the history spiel… here’s the photos.