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Arco Maher is a lad who really, really likes Stone Island garb. Whilst some people are content to just fawn over the occasional overshirt, he’s somehow managed to amass one of the most impressive collections of vintage S.I. gear our eyes have seen.

And seeing as collections are no good if they’re hidden away in a wardrobe, we’ve worked with him on a little bit of an exhibition down at our Soho shop.

We’ll be displaying some of the key bits of his collection, as well as some new photos we’ve done with medium format photo wizard James Starkey, this Thursday.

Old jackets… free drinks… fancy photos… should be alright.

It's on Thursday the 22nd of February, at our Soho shop, from 6pm.

And for those who can’t make it… it’s Pica~Sounds in Manchester that night too. You’re spoilt for choice really.

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