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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents: by Josh Rothery •

I was recently away with Oi Polloi boss hogs Steve and Nige on the New York leg of this season’s buying travels.

Naturally, we were busy having a good look at next season's clobber, but that's all a secret until then...

For now, I thought I'd share a few photos of the time we spent there.

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The people say...

  • Tim Goodaker

    I’m there in April for the first time! Looking forward to exploring. The photo’s are great!

  • clippingpathsaffron.com

    Your image is beautiful thanks for this great inspiration…

  • The Right Reverand Marcousious McDonutious

    The jaikets the NANAMICA GOOSE DOWN,,,bloody lovely and an even lovelier City

  • mick moran

    what’s that jacket Nige has on? it looks the bollocks!

  • Mr Brown

    Can’t even sail from Liverpool to New Year any more.
    And that last Mayor fella stopped dancing.
    No wonder everyone’s charging trying to find out what the fuck’s going on looking at their phones.
    The gaff’s well gone to pot and yeah a fuck off piece of pizza will help (the Dr Pepper too) but you gotta ask if it’s enough.
    Maybe it is. But the no boat situation is a shitter.

  • gerard barry

    Thats the Westerlind store in Soho you’re peering in the window of. Do i win a prize?

    And did you find a japanese cycling store over in alphabet city – lovely gore tex jackets in fruit gum colours, with taped seams. I went there once, but could never find it again, and wonder if its the brigadoon of jackets – only seen once every thousand years.

  • peter griffin

    why would they spend time in those shit holes tom, you mess

  • Tom

    Looks like you could have used some time in Brooklyn and Queen’s… nice pictures nonetheless.

  • Anton

    Great atmospheric pictures

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