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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents:

The future is only a few months away. What will we be wearing? What will you be wearing? Scroll slowly down this page and you might just find out. 

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The people say...

  • GLenn hArt

    Are they converse one star ,had a pair early 90s in a aubergine colour

  • Sean

    Those cork 1’s & 2’s look lovely… Can you share deats around what and when yet?

  • Dan90

    Any idea when the manastash bucket hat will be available?

  • Sam

    Yep, those are indeed Howlin’ tees. Not sure on when they’re landing though. And yessir, that jacket is a Grenfell number. Sam – OP

  • BK

    Are those Grenfell jackets you’re stocking -the green golf ones ?

  • John

    Those Barbour Bedales are looking superb

  • Rick

    First picture, are they Howlin towel tee’s ? If so, any idea when they’re available to buy. Missed out on last years batch!

  • Sam - Oi Polloi

    Those ‘corkers’ are made by a company called Doek. I don’t know how much they’re going to be yet I’m afraid.

    In unrelated news, I think that yellow Barbour jacket should be online fairly soon. Not sure on the other colours though.

    Sam – OP

  • david piddington

    the “corkers” are they converse?

  • Keith Fallon

    The Barbour jackets look fantastic. When are they released ?

  • Nigel Birch

    Those colours on the Bedales!!!!!

  • Michael W

    Those Reeboks are tidy…..

  • John

    Doek? How much please?

  • Abi Simm

    Orange & Pink Champion!!!!!! + Stripey Shirt

  • Jack

    What brand are the pair of corkers?

  • Drew

    That Arpenteur!

  • Stu

    Looking good, the new EG you have in is looking spot on??

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