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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents:

2015 has been a busy one for Oi Polloi — we opened the doors of our London shop, we pressed the big button on our new website and we welcomed a whole gaggle of fresh goons into the fold.

As well as these more ‘tangible achievements’, plenty of smaller, but equally important things happened — cups of tea were drank, chocolate bars were consumed and a small black dog lolled around like he owned the place.

So before we’re plunged into the new year, here’s our last look at 2015.

Thanks to everyone for everything.

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The people say...

  • Kevin

    When will the restock in Stone Island or CP Company happen???

  • Mr Pharmacist

    Do you have any Adidas Stretfords left in size 8?

  • Neil

    Happy New Year you guyz!

  • spodge

    anyone know what the white shirt is the guy in the mask has on in the lift?

  • Clutchy

    Need to know if the girl with all the sneakers will marry me. She’s freakin’ gorgeous!

  • Mr Pharmacist

    Looks like you all had a good year, bought some decent schmutter from you, but that Adidas Stretford promotion you had looks you gained a whole new clientele of hill dwellers in club colours, chomping at the bit so they can get their new trainers on Ebay.

    forza City

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