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Roads? Where we're going, we actually do need roads

Published: Wed Oct 21 2015

Great Scott! You know what day it is today, right?

It’s Back To The Future Day!

October 21st 2015 is the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown first arrive in the future Hill Valley in Back To The Future II. Sadly, things in the real world didn’t quite turn out the way they were predicted. Cars don’t fly, theres no such thing as a pizza hydrator, we haven’t got Hoverboards (not proper ones anyway) and we’re still waiting for Jaws 5 never mind Jaws 19. Surely a talking, self-drying jacket must be on the horizon? I’m looking at you Stone Island.

Anyway, I felt the need to answer the question, what would Marty be wearing if he shopped at Oi Polloi in 2015? Probably something like this:


The skateboard was kindly lent to us from one of the chaps at Note, they're way more gnarly than the Oi Polloi Goonsquad.

Bonus photo of a Delorean that parked up outside the Manchester shop a few months back...