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The Blog from Oi Polloi presents:

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these caption competitions, so here you go… come up with something halfway funny for that mysterious picture above and you might win yourself a £50 voucher to spend here.

Any answers that come in later than Tuesday the 13th of October (not the 20th like we originally said — that was a heinous mistake) will be ignored.

Oh, and please put a bit of effort into this — that voucher isn’t to be sniffed at.


This competition is now closed. We're pleased to announce that someone named S.Mckee took home the win with his simple-yet-effective caption, "Can we stop for cash aswell mate." Brilliant. 

Commiserations to all the losers out there — maybe put a bit more effort in next time?

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The people say...

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  • Greg Atkins

    “Ignore Rover please, Mr Jones, she is just observing the lesson”

  • Tone

    I’ve spotted something

  • Gianluigi Pessia

    Straight to the goal.

  • Rasmus

    Wroom Wroom

  • Jeremy Rance

    Daves new Leather upholstery seats were the dogs bollocks, but unfortunatly smelt of them too

  • Nick Todd

    Are we nearly there yet, how long now?

  • LG

    It’s 101 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of dentasticks, it’s dark… and you are a dog.

  • Steven Lee

    “Looks like somebody pressed the “Paws” button."


    “Jesus I’m sick of car showrooms !!!!
    Just buy a car you tight twat "

  • Dan

    ‘As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to own a Dalmatian’

  • Marcus Hunter

    (w)oof we’re lookin gewdd!!

  • Kyle McIntosh

    “Dave get the sounds on man, bit of the roses, Woof!”

  • Chris

    Well that fell flat..

  • Rich Paulo

    ohfuck. I forgot to shave my balls.

  • Rick HOWELL

    Don’t you dare do that ‘not the Cruella talk again face’ in the mirror at me! IT STILL HURTS.

  • Ash

    “It’s the first and last time I dog-sit for our Fiona. Scruffy muts sneezed and got chappie all in my hair!”

  • Daniel Fagan

    Get your hand off my spotted dick.

  • Michael Richardson

    “We tell NOBODY ok? What happened just happended, now just be quiet and drive”.

  • Paulie Flash

    I think I left the gas on

  • Carl

    As Steve pulled up in the Northern Quarter he thought he had his retro 80’s style on point until he realised his Dalmatian should have been a pug

  • Mr Brown

    Lets see how much attention that little prick gets today with the plain black collar on eh?

  • Andy

    Permer and Pooch

  • Jeff

    I can tell he’s gonnna leave me in the car again to buy more sodding chambray

  • BK

    Pffffffff….The staring contest entered a critical phase as Spot played his trump card from the back seat…he patiently counted down the seconds till it was all over

  • Trigger

    Do you remember when you used to win £500? woof!

  • Brendan

    We were somewhere around Barnsley on the edge of the ring-road when the pedigree chum began to take hold

  • Tom G

    Dog: “I’m sorry that I chewed up your shoes and pissed on your wardrobe. Get over it?”


    Staring is caring

  • Si Jones

    Listen Dave, just cos I barked something derogatory about your double denim, I still think you should consider consecutive corduroy.

  • Nathan

    So let’s take a ride and see what’s mine

  • Chris

    No dogs, no masters.

  • Tom

    “Tell me about if mate, my missus is being a right bitch at the moment too!”

  • Howard

    There’s how many of you?

  • Howard Price

    101 did you say.

  • Wayne Geraghty

    I maybe a poor mans Knightrider but your all fur coat no knickers

  • Wayne Geraghty

    I maybe a poor mans Knightrider but your all fur coat no knickers

  • Matt Lloyd

    “You said we were just going for a walk Dave. Please could you explain to me why my bark is a whole octave higher? I trusted you man.”

  • George O'Docherty

    - Just look forwards, don’t do anything stupid
    - That’s easy for you to say, dogs aren’t known to hide drugs

  • Jake Thompson

    Bark seat driver.

  • Sim

    With a cute new dog Henry from neighbours thought he’d definitely be getting into Jane’s knickers ?

  • Lee

    The man from Dalmation always says yes.

  • George Pritchard

    103 Dalmatians the sequel

  • Karl Salter

    ALICE THE DOG:Gary,Is that a new chambray shirt? GARY:My only true love Darling, I live for chambray. I worship chambray. After all, is there a man in all this whole wretched world who doesn’t?

  • mark prestage

    These shoes are tight not sure of size could be 687 or 6

  • Morten Adamsen

    Who da fuck IS Alice … ?

  • Iain Greig

    Trust me Bouncer Thelma & Louise knew what they were doing…..

  • OCF


    Eileen it’s Steve. Ive got this lad in the back here, reckons he’s got a hundred mates that need picking up from Belle Vue.

    Can you ask Lloyd to sort 25 cabs please love?

  • oli fearn

    “What time are you on ’til mate?”

  • J Bristow

    Is that a lipstick in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me!…..Just shut up and keep driving poodle hair

  • Rob Barr

    ‘’woof!…can you open a window?.Woof!..it smells like Gillian McKeith’s tupperware cupboard in here’’

  • Gareth JOnes

    Cruella put her best man on the case. Little did she know that Aw15 outerwear was already flying off the rails…

  • Jack painter

    They see me rollin’, they hating, Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty

  • Scott Roberts

    “I won’t tell you again, mate, my name’s not Gillian Taylforth”

  • Sam

    That’s the spot

  • s.mckee

    can we stop for cash aswell mate

  • Matt Walker

    In these clothes I pulled a right old dog. Next time I’m shopping at OiPolloi…….

  • Ryan Foley

    I swear if you don’t stop barking i will turn this car around and you’ll be grounded

  • JMN

    ‘’That was one hell of a wedding ceremony Jim, a real crowd-pleaser’’.

  • Ian German

    What’s with the long face ?

  • Ian German

    What’s with the long face ?

  • Mal Kennedy

    “You’re a right misery-arse, you. Never up for stopping at Maccy’s.”

  • Mathew

    I have a gun…… act natural and take me to the winalot shapes factory

  • Danny McMullan

    Proper dogging.

  • Robbie Hanley

    Turner and Hooch? Never seen it mate.

  • Paul Clark

    David Hasselhoff my Arse

  • Paul Clark

    David Hasselhoff my Arse

  • Adam Hope

    Shut up and drive, punk!

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