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Scottish Distance Running History may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but bear with us on this. It’s actually the name of a mad old website built back in the glory days of the internet, full of amazing black and white photographs of Scottish people running dead far in the rain, usually in a pair of Nikes.

There’s some good anecdotes in their too — for example… “When athletes travelled to their big races, they were awarded prizes such as refrigerators, washing machines and television sets. These 'trophies' were then sold at a special sale and the proceeds were given to the owner (i.e. the runner who had won them.” Ingenious.

In a world when it seems like everyone claims to be ‘a runner’, this online labyrinth shows that there’s more to being a runner than just standing in a bar jabbering on about foot-strike. 



 See the website here

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