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Back in 16th century Italy a man named Nostradamus was said to possess supernatural powers that helped him look into the future and prophesise when and where earthquakes and other assorted natural disasters would strike.

Now, nearly 500 years later, we’ve harnessed similar powers to do something equally important — yep, we’ve gazed a few months into the future to show you pictures of nice jackets we’ll be getting soon. Here they are…

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The people say...

  • Sam

    Dunc, the holdalls are by Ficouture, David, the shoes are Bass but I’m not sure when we’re getting them, and Andreas… I’ll ask my friend Hugh about the hues.

  • david piddington

    those shoes with the tassle laces when? thx

  • Dunc

    Anyone know what brand the holdalls are ?

  • Andreas

    How much will that Teddy Bear jumper be plz? And what make is it? And will they come in other colours? The bear colour is fine but will the actual jumper have varying hues? Thanks ;)

  • chris

    CAMO! what is that brand? did I miss it.

  • Charlie kennett

    Tell me more about them courd pumps xx

  • Sam Waller

    Answers time… Justin, the camo stuff is by ArkAir and shouldn’t be too far off. Robin, the holdall is made by Ficatoure and David, that smock is made by Snow Peak. More news as it happens. Keep an ear to the ground and an eye on our newsletters. Sam – Oi Polloi

  • Jack

    Oh oracle, lead me to that burnt orange furry fjallraven

  • Justin Dell

    Lovely the killer camo instalment, please can I get some info on release date

  • Robin

    pls what brand is that black holdall?

  • Alexey

    That photo of Shulte’s mohair stuff reminds me about good old 70’s…)

  • David parker

    Details on that amok of ages pls, got to have it!!!

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