Oi Polloi

2019 in Pictures

Published: Fri Dec 27 2019

With the final nail being slammed into 2019’s casket, we thought we’d sweep our hard-drives for some visual reminders of what we got up to this year.

Without further ado, here's the photos…

To kick off the year we had a bit of a party in Soho. One devotee even got our logo tattooed on their wrist.

Nigel was once again enraptured by some three-stripe trainers. No change there.

In March we made the perilous journey to Liverpool to shoot some of Adsum’s spring/summer stuff.

Salford’s finest and Stockport’s finest finally crossed paths.

April was a busy month for us. Not only did we globe trot to Morocco and Milan to shoot shoes we made with Reebok and Sebago, but we ventured into the wild world of motor mechanics with some pastel Carhartt sweats.

And Liam wore a durag.

It’s not all been sunshine and smiles this year. During the height of spring/summer intake, it all got too much for Adam, who had a little cry on our studio floor.

Sam and Craig Charles were locked and loaded for festival season.

Big man on campus Tom found time in his busy schedule to eat some pasta and do his best Gene Simmons impression.

Fred spent the majority of his summer binge-watching The Sopranos.

It was an honour to meet G.I. Joe.

In September we popped over to Sammy’s bar for a quick drink. Unfortunately, they only served us a glass of tonic and a camera.

Head honchos Steve and Nigel spent their free time lurking in Carhartt’s basement and flipping off their staff.

Joe spent a collective 163 hours honing his ballerina skills.

Zac brought in fellow fleece-lover Al Pacino for a couple of days. Claude wasn’t impressed.

Fred went over to Stockholm at the behest of Fjällräven. Judging from his mug, it was pretty cold.

No caption needed.

To celebrate the launch of those adidas Barcelona trainers, we had a Trefoil-scented soiree at our Manchester shop. Stuart hurt his neck and we all drank too many beers.

Manchester's Power Rangers were a bit naff...

We took those Henri Lloyd jackets to Blackpool and sombrely stared at the sea.

And these lovely chaps modelled their dungaree collection for us.

Now’s also a good time to say thanks for all of your support this year. Whether you bought something from us, lurked on our website or just popped into the shop for a menswear-based tête-à-tête, we appreciate all of you showing interest in what we do.