Oi Polloi

2018 in Pictures

Published: Tue Dec 18 2018

We might be wrong, but 2018 has seemed like a noticeably long year hasn’t it? Was it really only 11 months and 18 days ago that we waved goodbye to 2017? Has a slip-up at the calendar factory meant that there’s actually been 465 days this year?

Who knows – but it certainly feels like a lot of stuff has happened. Here’s a few photos…

We started the year off with a cup of tea and a good ponder. How about that see-through mug eh?

Back in February we held an exhibition of vintage Stone Island garb down in our Soho shop. Terracotta warriors are alright, but we’d rather look at a few rails of shiny old jackets any day. 

In March we lingered around on some stairs with some rather nice Superga military pumps on. Considering we’re well into the 21st century now, it’s crazy to think that staircases still exist.

Not really sure what was going on here. Costco is a fascinating place. 

For the launch of the new Nike ACG stuff we pushed the boat right out and took a trip to a remote volcanic island off the coast of Africa (or was it just a trip to an old quarry in Buxton?).

Summer was dead hot so we spent most of the time lurking in the refrigerated aisle of our local supermarket.

Football finally came home turns out it lives in France.

We finally got round to resurfacing our squash court. That imported oak is reassuringly responsive.

To celebrate the launch of another one of those Pica~Post zines we stood on some double-yellow lines. 

In October we worked with Norse Projects on some fancy sailing garb. We’ve since learned that people don’t actually sail on the canal, and this photoshoot we did was probably a huge insult to the boating community – but at least the clothes looked alright.

A few weeks later we made some cords with Lee. Our corduroy test committee was overjoyed.

In December some brave trefoil-fans queued up for a few nights for those adidas Newton Heath trainers. If you were one of the many who spent those damp nights stood outside our shop, we salute your dedication.

And after all that - this lad still didn’t get a haircut.

Thanks for reading, thanks for chatting to us in our shops, thanks for lurking on our website and thanks for anything else. Merry Christmas and all that.