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I came across an absolute goldmine a few days ago. One of the charity warehouses I like to visit was giving away books by the bucketload and had a pretty mental collection of old Sci-Fi stuff available to a loving home. I graciously grabbed as many as I could carry. 

Some of these are classics of the genre, some of them are absolute shlock — but all of them have amazing covers. Rather than stuffing them onto my bookshelves to never see the light of day, I thought I’d best do the right thing and scan them all in for all to see.

From fairly abstract images of people with brains outside of their heads to highly realistic space-scapes, there’s all sorts of madness going on here...


I’m afraid I can’t credit all the artists here as there’s hardly any information on the books themselves, but here’s a few names I picked out… Peter Jones, Ray Ginghofer, Richard Clifton-Dey, Schinella, David Davies, Harry Willcock and Tim White. Good work lads. 

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