Oi Polloi

The Monday Mixtape from Be With Records

Published: Mon Mar 02 2015


The mixtape you are about to hear is brought to you by Be With Records. Started by Oi Polloi regular Rob Butler, Be With Records re-release great, yet damn-near-impossible-to-get-hold-of gems from the dusty corners of the music world. 

As we were saying, he's done a mix for us with the help of his mate Craig Mitchell of Wet Play fame. We would try and describe it ourselves, but seeing as they've done such a good job, we'll let them do the talking... “The warm music offered within comprises a ‘gentle disco’ approach to the classic mixtape: blue-eyed soul, blissful ambient, modern boogie-funk, Hawaiian rare groove, Appalachian picking, melodic country rock, 80s soul, acid r'n'b and breezy rap.”  

Be With Oi Polloi Monday Mixtape by Oi Polloi on Mixcloud


In related news, Rob and Craig also organise ad-hoc tours, and this month they’re flying Ned Doheny over from his California ranch for his first ever solo acoustic tour of Europe. He'll be playing sold out shows in London and heads to Manchester (at Soup Kitchen on Friday the 20th March, if you wondered) then on to Dublin, Leeds and Berlin.