Oi Polloi

Useful Rainbow Trivia

Published: Thu Feb 26 2015

The humble rainbow, a magnificent collision of light and water, has captivated and inspired man for thousands of years. People have written stories about them, people have painted pictures of them and now, Nudie Jeans Co have made some jeans with them stitched onto the pockets. To celebrate this momentous occasion in denim, here are some useful, damn-near life-changing facts about rainbows.

In the popular children’s television programme Rainbow, the character of Bungle was played by five different actors. Although the flat-faced bear walked around naked, he insisted on wearing pyjamas in bed.

Neoclassical prog-fusion band Rainbow took their name from a restaurant in Los Angeles called Rainbow Bar and Grill. Possible names that didn’t make the cut include Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Wagamama.

The rainbow-esque colour spectrum thing on the front cover of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon has six colours instead of seven. We won’t tell you which one is missing, but we will say that there’s no indigo.

The Rainbow Theater in London was the first place Jimi Hendrix burnt a guitar. It is now a pentecostal church.

The Oi Polloi logo is loosely based on a rainbow.

The Legend of the Rainbow Warriors is a tale loved by environmentalist types. It’s tells the story of how people of every race will band together to make the world a better place or something like that. It was originally thought to be an ancient Native American prophecy, but it turned out it actually came from a book called Warriors of the Rainbow written in 1962 by someone called Vinson.

Greenpeace main-man Bob Hunter was given a copy of Warriors of the Rainbow in 1969 by a ‘wandering dulcimer maker’. He later named an ex-trawler ship after it. Rainbow Warrior was sunk in 1985 and is now covered in anemones.

Rainbow Gatherings are hippy festivals that take place around the world. Oi Polloi spiritual leader Nigel went to one in 1994. As the story goes, whilst getting their Volkswagen van fixed in the backwoods in California, him and his mates met two ‘tie-dye hobos’. These two invited them to a festival at the farm of the infamous counterculture clown Wavy Gravy. This was the place Nigel met his moccasin-making mentor, Grey Wolf.

The Nudie Dry Rainbow Jeans are available now. They’re the best jeans ever made and you need to own at least nine pairs.