Oi Polloi

Eatery of the Month: Crazy Wendy's

Published: Wed Jan 21 2015

For this instalment of Eatery of the Month we’re donning our best dinner suits and heading for an evening of high class cuisine courtesy of Crazy Wendy’s in Didsbury. From the outside this place looks fairly unassuming — like a relatively normal restaurant on the side of a busy road — but let’s take a look inside shall we?

Inside you’re greeted with this fantastical image — James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and The King living it up in some sort of super-casino in the sky. And who’s that on the left? Christopher Walken? But let’s not get side-tracked, what about the food?

As anyone who’s eaten a meal somewhere other than their own kitchen before will know — every restaurant has a different procedure that can’t be deviated from. In some places you have to go up to the counter to order, in some places the waiters come to you, and in Crazy Wendy’s they just bring you endless plates of food that you probably didn’t ask for.

The food itself probably won’t win any awards (unless there’s a Largest Bowl of Rice award), but it’s most certainly edible, and anyway, you don’t go to Crazy Wendy’s for subtle flavours and aromatic spices…

This place is called Crazy Wendy’s for a reason, and that reason is that once the plates have been whisked away, a woman called Wendy comes out, climbs onto a table and then belts out popular songs from the hit parade.

Once this begins the place quickly descends into madness — bandana-wearing chefs start break-dancing on the floor, old women grab the microphone and hen party revellers fall asleep on chairs. It’s probably not the best place to come for a quick bite to eat, but sometimes you want something more than just an eatery… you want a dancery, you want a singery, you want a stand-up-on-the-tablery. For times like that there’s only one place to come.

RATING: Interesting food, world-class entertainment and a euphoric atmosphere, I give Crazy Wendy’s five upturned tables out of five.