Oi Polloi

The Monday Mixtape by Tom Boogizm

Published: Mon Dec 01 2014

Not long ago we had Tom Boogizm as our special guest DJ at Pica Sounds. For you unlucky few who couldn’t make it down to the night — despair no longer — Tom has kindly recorded a mix for us. What better way to welcome back The Monday Mixtape? Just don’t expect it every Monday…

When the time came for Tom to show what his record collection had to offer we were astounded. Not only is Tom a fantastic DJ, he also managed to smash the record for most track ID requests in a single set. I don’t think one track got played that didn’t catch the attention of someone in the room who needed to know what it was.

By some stroke of genius this mix manages to span across an ocean of different genres that just shouldn’t go together — but somehow they do. Plus we have it on good authority that this mix will cure any weekend booze blues.

Monday Mixtape by Tom Boogizm by Oi Polloi on Mixcloud