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Win £50 to Spend at Oi Polloi

Published: Fri Jan 23 2015

This competition has now closed. The calibre of caption was particularly high this time around, but after much deliberation, we’ve decided the voucher should go to someone called Kate. Their caption? “Donna-Marie was overjoyed that the weaning was going smoothly. Breastfeeding had taken its toll.”

Very good we’re sure you’ll agree.

The Oi Polloi caption competition will be taking a short break for a week or two, but keep an eye out for its valiant return.



Here’s another caption competition for you. You know the score here… come up with a mildly entertaining caption for that photograph above and you could win yourself a £50 Oi Polloi voucher.

Answers in the comments box below please… and make sure you get you caption in by Wednesday the 28th of January OTHERWISE YOUR CAPTION WILL BE INCINERATED.