Oi Polloi

Eatery of the Month: Yummy House

Published: Tue Oct 28 2014

For this instalment of Eatery of the Month we’re putting on our dinner suits and heading to an aptly-titled establishment known as Yummy House. Situated on the food-eater’s mecca of Oldham Road, this gem is what’s known in the business as a ‘Chinese chippy’. Combining the exotic flavours of the east with the wholesome taste of the north, it’s fusion food at it’s finest.

They sell all sorts here but my favourite dish is probably the salt and pepper chips. For ages I thought that ‘salt and pepper chips’ were just standard chips seasoned with the help of Suzy Salt and Percy Pepper. It was only recently that I found out otherwise, and I’m glad I did — Yummy House does two versions of this fine dish and they’re both very nice indeed. One uses chopped up bits of real deal peppers, the other uses some mysterious spicy dust. The real pepper one is nicer but the dusty one is cheaper so that’s the one I usually get.

Ample seating

And if you’re really on a budget then why not try one of their famous potato scallops? High in carbohydrates, high in batter and most definitely high in flavour, these have the succulent texture of a prize piece of battered cod, without the guilt you may feel after devouring one of Mother Nature’s children — they’re also a stone-cold steal at only 40 pence a piece.

RATING: Both English and Chinese food brought together in perfect harmony at more than reasonable prices — I give it five ice-cold cans of fizzy Vimto out of five.