Oi Polloi

Eatery of the Month: The Tripe and Sandwich Shop

Published: Wed Aug 20 2014

This month we’re looking to the east in search of mythical flavours and tantalising textures. So grab your fork and open wide, as we head to Stalybridge’s world famous Tripe and Sandwich Shop.

Made from the lining of cow’s stomachs, tripe was once the height of sophistication. Back in the 1800s there was apparently over 200 shops dedicated to the stuff in the Greater Manchester region alone. This is the only one left. But before things get too emotional, let’s get back to the food. Not only do they flog tripe by the pound, they also sell everything else your stomach could desire. But don’t take my word for it… just look at this menu.

A fried egg barm for less than a quid — is this a mirage? Extra slices of meat for 65 pence — do my eyes deceive me? A cup of tea for less than the price of two Fudge bars — has the aroma of sweet, delectable tripe gone to my head? Yep, if you’re tired of your wallet being rinsed by inner-city rip-off merchants then Stalybridge is only a train ride away. The deserts (not pictured) are also pretty wondrous, in particular the rhubarb and custard pies (make sure you get there early for these, they fly out).

And whilst you’re in the area I can wholeheartedly recommend a quick dip into Willow Wood Hospice charity shop and a look around the local art gallery. No prizes for guessing who this snappy chap is…

RATING: Great food at mental prices in an area worthy of a day-trip, I give The Tripe and Sandwich Shop five pounds of high quality honeycomb tripe out of five.