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The Block is a hard-hitting book-shaped slab of photojournalism straight off the litter-strewn streets of 1960s New York. Made by a social worker-turned-photographer by the name of Herb Goro, it tells the story of the inhabitants of an East Bronx slum through both photos and interviews with the residents. To be honest, it’s fairly depressing stuff, but you can’t deny the pictures are pretty good.

Old copies can be hunted down fairly cheaply over on Amazon, but for those who crave instant gratification I’ve taken the liberty of scanning in some of the standout shots.

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The people say...

  • Sam - Oi Polloi

    Cheers Andre, good to hear things like that.
    Yeah it’s an amazing book. I heard Herb got in hot water with some of the residents after publishing the book as they weren’t happy with how they were portrayed, but I think everyone comes across pretty well. I wonder if he did anything else?

  • Andre
    I found your blog while searching for the book “The Block.” I’m very familiar with this book because as I kid, I flipped through the pages on numerous occasions, especially rainy days. My father owned a first edition of the book, which I now have in my possession. Thanks for creating this wonderful page.

    Andre the Street Photographer

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